One-of-a-kind Reward Program: as we succeed, so do you

Unlike conventional loyalty programs Humans’ Reward Program gives you an opportunity to earn incentives for your activities on the platform. 25% of our total revenue will go to the Rewards Payment Reserve. This will be distributed among users who use HUMANS GEN tokens as a payment tool.

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A Global HUMANS Resource Bank for people and businesses — transforming the way we live, work and relate to one another in the blockchain era.

Less Uberization, more Humanization

We are building the world’s largest and most trusted decentralized peer-to-peer network, backed by AI, DNA-based verification system and blockchain technology, that is capable of cataloguing skills, knowledge and characteristics of billions of humans, effectively serving as a Global HUMANS Resource Bank for people and businesses all around the world.

Similar to how Google searches for information, HUMANS searches for people, enabling us to enhance the way we relate to each. Here are just some of the countless examples:

  • HUMANSBank


    Decentralized financial organization for a new crypto world supporting every fiat- or cryptocurrency and having own blockchain infrastructure with sufficient TPS (transactions per second).

  • HUMANSInsurance


    Bidding System for Third-party Insurance Plans and P-2-P Insurance offers based on Open Proprietary Risk Management System.

  • HUMANSMarket


    Genuine gig economy service for sharing and purchasing goods, services, vehicles, spaces and other.

  • HUMANSNews


    Customized and personalized by Artificial Intelligence local news and events.

  • HUMANSPromotion


    Global service for personal capital and social enhancement: personal ratings of people based on their life tracks and needs for use of employers, investors, philanthropists and ordinary people.

  • HUMANSSport


    Service for sportsmen to find training sites, peers to play with, or teams to join. We already have arrangements with Igor Larionov, a famous professional ice-hockey player and a sports agent, to lead the HUMANSSport division.

  • HUMANSStars


    Marketplace where you can arrange a meeting with a business professional or a celebrity for business advice or entertainment.

  • HUMANSSparking


    A unique service that helps you find parking places. City parking has become a major challenge, and while public parking sites are almost out of space, private parking spots are often free and could potentially become a solution to the big city parking problem. HUMANSParking will connect owners of parking spots with drivers looking for a place to park their car. Our team has already started to develop the service and we plan to launch it in Los Angeles.

  • HUMANSGenome


    Individual Authentication System built on Genome 64-key hash.

  • HUMANSVoice


    Decentralized open service for evaluation of companies, services, things and people: everyone has the right to express an opinion.

  • HUMANSMusic


    Online music delivery service: from independent musicians to listeners.

HUMANS is a truly decentralized platform, run by the people for the people, with no middleman, and no fees, unlike transformative services like UBER which keep around 35% of all transactions at the expense of the people that make the service work. HUMANS gives back to its users, by returning a significant part of its revenue to active users that make the platform work, unlike large conglomerates such as Facebook that make billions of dollars from selling the data of their users.


Created in 2017, the HUMANS platform is already at the forefront of connecting people around the world. Thousands of active users join our platform every week.

The HUMANS next gen open platform will be further developed, as individuals, third-party businesses and service providers will also be able to leverage the rapidly developing HUMANS open multi-featured ecosystem (HOME). We are talking about structural disruption at its most disruptive, and yet at its most rewarding for all of us. The transformation could be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.


The HUMANS platform will have its own cryptocurrency, HUMANS GEN, which will enhance the day-to-day lives and experiences of platform users. HUMANS GEN will allow users to make payments within the HUMANS platform conveniently, securely and with zero transaction fees.

HUMANS makes money on advertising thanks to the activities of its real users, so it’s fair that people who create the value of the HUMANS platform should be allowed to earn rewards as well.

To that end, registered users who will view the advertisements and transact on the HUMANS Platform in HUMANS GEN will be entitled to monthly Rewards Payments. Each month we will direct 25% of the Platform Total Revenue to the Rewards Payment Reserve that will be distributed among the system's active users.

The graphic below shows how the Rewards Payment Reserve works in practice

HUMANS does not intend to limit the use of any convenient means of payment, but will rather incentivize registered users to choose HUMANS GEN as the main payment instrument on the Platform. HUMANS GEN will also provide registered users with an opportunity to receive certain services on the Platform, including the ability to order paid peer-to-peer advertising.

Anyone will be able to buy the HUMANS GEN and use it on the HUMANS platform. After the Crowdsale, which is expected to take place in autumn of 2019, HUMANS GEN will be traded on leading crypto exchanges.

token sale


Starting from November 15, 2018, our tokens will be sold via Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT), available to accredited investors. Investors who can prove their eligibility will be granted a 50% bonus at the moment of purchase of HUMANS GEN tokens.


Non-accredited investors who register for the public sale in advance will receive a 25% bonus on future purchases. HUMANS plans to distribute a limited number of coupons with this special bonus.

Sign Up For The HUMANS Token Sale Now And Receive A Unique Code For A 25% Bonus!

The HUMANS GEN token price is fixed at 1 USD per token and can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ether or any fiat currency.

For more information on the HUMANS GEN token sale please read our Whitepaper.

Hard Cap:
USD 100,000,000



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