We have developed a platform and marketplace that places humans at the heart of everything, and, every member here is called HUMAN. We are all living in a society where our lives depend on others in aspects of selling and buying services or goods, therefore our global network supports people in engaging and interacting with each other for work and business and across every area of human endeavor.

HUMANS radically changes the way people find each other and connects people with skills, knowledge and goods, directly to the people who need their help, services and products.

There are no costs for engagement, no middlemen and certainly no commissions. You control who you work with, when and the price. And no one can exploit your data. It belongs to you alone.

What’s more as we succeed so do you. Humans.net returns 25% of the platform’s total revenues to users who are active on the platform.

Come on board, you have everything to gain!

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